• Before you buy, think about Rhodesia well because it can not be a hasty decision. This is not a breed for inexperienced breeders.

  • Rhodesian has a strong territorial instinct, after a few minutes of being in a place considered for its when you are a stranger or another dog starts barking. But it is not a guard dog who spends more time in the yard away from the family, it needs human closeness.

  • Rhodesia is individuality, not always execute the orders guardian, quickly get bored continuous taming. Require very gentle treatment, but also a lot of consequences. For RR must have not only a lot of time, but also patience, then you can teach him to obey and execute the command. RR must know from the beginning that he never will rule in your house.

  • If you hurt him, I’ll never trust. RR react very badly to aggression owner, you have to train him gently and by way of reward, not a punishment.

  • RR does not like to be alone if you work 8 hours. maybe this time,, refurnish your apartment ”. RR needs a love interest, when the owner is at home RR will accompany him even in the bathroom.

  • This dog needs a huge amount of traffic is a born athlete and not enough for him slow, short walk. The owner needs to find the time and the place to RR could without a leash running out (meadow, forest), away from the street, because it sees the object RR interest chasing him, without regard for the owner (deaf to the call), and danger. Of course, come back to the maintainer, but certainly not right away. We should also mention prescribe RR love trekking and cycling. These are dogs for active people.

  • RR natural hunting instinct many times can itself felt. Curious about everything that moves, young RR may temper terribly because of the little you have to teach them obedience and principles. Puppies often need to move out (even at night), and feed. Quickly learn how to clean. We must also remember that the RR should socialize with people, both small and with other dogs.

  • RR is a large dog, you should consider whether your home will be a place for him, it also has a lot of energy, it needs a lot of space to play.

  • RR loves children, but with small children need to be careful, it is a strong dog, and even passing child might fall over and accidentally hurt him.

  • The monthly cost of food is also not small, to reach veterinary costs, vitamins etc. should also remember that there are about RR. 10-13 years, but it happens that live to 16 years. It is a duty for many years.

  • They are not picky and will eat anything, but to keep the RR in good health and weight should be fed accordingly.

  • RR has a short coat is easy to maintain, just a light brushing, bathing and instead simply wipe with a damp towel.





  • As for the owner step by step can be tedious

  • intelligence sometimes interfere with training

  • can be disobedient

  • RR can pretty young temper

  • hunter instinct is stronger than him

  • is greedy

  • is fairly expensive to maintain

  • territoriality may conflict with other dogs

  • its energy can bother some


  • beautiful, harmonious built dog

  • well mannered is a wonderful companion

  • cheerful, cheerful

  • extremely loving his human family

  • at RR certainly will feel safe

  • the perfect dog for active people

  • feels at home where his master