SAVANAH Rhodesian Park Dolomity

rhodesian ridgebackPolish Junior Champion
Polish Champion
Club Winner 2015 (BOB, Best ridge, Best movement)
M:EZA APAZO Folwark Zwierzęcy
ED: 0/0
OCD: (-)/(-)

D-Locus: D/D
DCM: free
Thyroid hormones: normal
growth: 66
weight: 33 kg



SAVANNAH comes from kennel Rhodesian Park Dolomites run by lovely people Christopher and Anna Swedes who always served us support and advice .It is a typical representative of Rhodesian Ridgeback. He has elite origins in her pedigree there are many great the breed. Savanah is a bitch in excellent conformation. It has a wonderful character, is the darling loves lounging on the couch and still stands up for stroking. Like a typical Rhodesian loves long walks, races and loves to eat. He likes people, but is wary of strangers which is also typical of the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback.

At the age of 17 months became Junior Champion Polish, in 2o month, won the Club hounds in Bedzin and received the title of Club Winner and Best of Breed, Best streak and Best movement, and was second to Best in Show, The 21 first month of life completed Polish Championship. He is a candidate for Champion of Austria, Germany and Slovakia.